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Aeolan Kelly - editor

  • Member of the Editor's Guild (Local 700).

  • Professional editor with 23 years of working for major studios and independent production houses.


  • Experienced in feature films, episodic television (scripted and unscripted), commercials, promos, sizzles, documentaries, interstitials, corporate videos, web and broadcast content.

  • Lead Editor on three different network series.


  • Equally experienced in live action and animation (2D and 3D).


  • Onlining and color correction experience for A-List clients such as Blumhouse, Disney XD, and Marvel Studios.


  • Expert level on AVID, Final Cut Pro 7+ X, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and a host of third-party plugins such as Sapphire and Boris effects. Working knowledge of DaVinci Resolve.


  • Thorough understanding of current post-production pipelines and trends.


  • Up-to-date on the latest camera and broadcast formats and digital standards.





Mark Baldo
Supervising Producer at Disney Interactive

As the director of BIONICLE: THE LEGEND REBORN, Threshold and Lego's first project together, I couldn't have found a better creative partner than I did with Aeolan! Her editing skills and sense of story structure, combined with her knowledge of Photoshop-- enabled us to construct an animatic that was not only entertaining, but clear enough to present to Lego and the over-seas animation studio. 

During the many hours we spent together in the editing suite, Aeolan kept up with me and my tireless obsessing over details with a calm professionalism and great sense of humor. I hope I have the pleasure of working with her again in the future!


Frank Paur
Supervising Director at Rollman Entertainment

Aeolan has that unique quality that not only allows her to think out of the box and help solve difficult problems, but she is able to work extremely well with others while under very difficult "high stress situations". She knows her business, she has high integrity for the projects she works with, and work is always more enjoyable knowing she's on the job.


Stephanie Daniel
Creative Director at 3BE5 Creative, Inc
Aeolan is a very talented and creative editor, whom I had the pleasure of working with for 3 months on Disney Channel's 2007 Rebranding. Her pleasant demeanor and strong work ethic allowed us to finish the project in a high-quality and timely manner. Aeolan is a joy to work with and I recommend her for any editing job.


Carrie Wassenaar
Line Producer at Rollman Entertainment, Inc

I greatly enjoyed working with Aeolan on the MLG projects - she was an editor for us on 7 films, working on both the animatic and the final animation. Aeolan managed to juggle the creative needs of the producer and the budget/deadline demands of the production with both grace and a sense of humor. I would highly recommend Aeolan for any project - she is a tremendous asset to any working team.



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